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About MassINC

MassINC is an independent think tank using non-partisan research, civic journalism and public forums to stimulate debate and shape public policy.  Our mission is to promote a public agenda for the middle class and to help all citizens achieve the American dream.

We were founded in 1996 by Tripp Jones and Michael Gritton who, together with a small group of leaders from the civic, business and policy-making fields, believed that the policy process in Massachusetts was missing accurate, thorough and unbiased information and research about the challenges facing the middle class.

MassINC was built around the conviction that better outcomes would be achieved if policy makers and opinion leaders were armed with credible data and analysis about key issues surrounding quality of life in Massachusetts.  Credible, unbiased, fact-based analysis have thus been cornerstones of the MassINC strategy and have made us the organization of record for policy analysis and civic engagement.

MassINC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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MassINC generates non-partisan research that is evidence based and geared toward problem-solving in policy areas that support the middle class.  Our reports, briefs, and public opinion surveys are springboards for debate among opinion leaders and policymakers as they address social and economic changes facing middle-class citizens.

CommonWealth is our award-winning journal of ideas, politics, and civic life. Its in-depth, balanced, and independent coverage is a primary source of news and information for policymakers, civic leaders and citizens.

Through education and outreach, coalition building, and public debate, we host the conversations and make the connections that shape policy and engage citizens.

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