About MassINC

History and Mission

The driving force behind the MassINC model is the notion that societies prosper when there is a robust middle class that includes a wide spectrum of citizens – from recent immigrants and first-time voters to suburban families and retirees.  We believe that the policy makers and those who seek to shape public policy ought to be armed with accurate, unbiased information as the basis for debate and, ultimately, consensus on issues that impact the middle class. With these as our founding principles, our work spans three major areas:

  • Jobs and Economic Security
  • Strong Communities
  • Government Accountability

Through our research, journalism and civic convening efforts, we promote social and economic change. These changes occur along a continuum, beginning with analysis and reporting, followed by education and outreach, continuing with consensus building, and ending with action: a change in policy, practice or personal responsibility

MassINC through the years.

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