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A collection of recent comments about MassINC and CommonWealth magazine.


Jean MacCormack
"MassINC has proven itself a leader in providing independent research and analysis in pursuit of improving the quality of life for the residents of the Commonwealth. Particularly, its understanding of the complexity of the challenges facing the state’s older cities, its belief in the opportunities that present themselves in those communities, and its advocacy of the role that public higher education can and should play in them, has added to the understanding that policy makers need to have as they move our state toward the future." - Chancellor of UMass/Dartmouth

"Suffolk University, and especially the non-partisan think tank MassINC, deserve credit for producing a well-mannered and substantive debate that hopefully sets the tone for the rest of the campaign." -- Boston Globe editorial, Aug. 18, 2010

LZ Nunn
"As a city-wide cultural organization that galvanizes commitment and investment in one of the state's Gateway cities, we've looked to MassINC to provide a strong voice for issues that support and sustain our community." - Director, Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events for the City of Lowell
Bruce Katz
"Few organizations in the country have better understood the important role of governance reform and accountability in education policy and economic development than MassINC." - Vice President and Founding Director of the Metropolitan Policy Program, The Brookings Institution
Governor Dukakis
"MassINC is one of the best things that has ever happened to politics in Massachusetts. When Commonwealth magazine arrives, it is at the top of my reading list. It tells it like it is, and it is an invaluable contribution to this state's political dialogue. And MassINC's leadership on the Gateway Cities project is nonpartisan public policy advocacy at its best." - Former Governor of Massachusetts
Mark Murrow
"CommonWealth and MassINC remain two of the most consistently impressive state-level sources of commentary and common sense on economic, social, and governance issues in the country." - Fellow and Policy Director, The Brookings Institution
Robert Antonucci
"Providing access to public higher education is critical to providing a path to the American dream for all citizens. MassINC’s influence and input on the issues governing public higher education have been enormous contributions to this effort." - President, Fitchburg State College
"When MassINC speaks, it’s well worth listening. After all, the nonpartisan think thank has established itself as a thoughtful, careful, credible voice on public policy in Massachusetts." - Boston Globe Op-Ed Columnist
Scott Harshbarger
"There is no place other than CommonWealth magazine where you can learn the policies and the facts behind the arguments in order to have a credible and robust debate. Even nationally, I can tell you when I was head of Common Cause in Washington, I used to refer people in other states to CommonWealth because there is no other magazine like it in the country that gives the facts and analysis untainted by political ideology. - Former Massachusetts Attorney General; Senior Counsel, Proskauer Rose LLP
Theodore Daniels
"MassINC's role in promoting the latest thinking in financial education is critical to our ability to support and protect families, given the complicated choices and increased risks they are facing." - Founder and President of the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, Member of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy
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