About MassINC


Through our work, MassINC represents a wide range of people with a common belief that a strong middle class is the key to a just and thriving society.  MassINC Voices brings you selected stories from a few of the millions of Americans who share this dream.


Tripp Jones
Tripp Jones had a vision for a different kind of think tank, one that was passionately non-partisan, fact-based, and focused on one goal – the viability of the American middle class. With the backing of other non-traditional believers, such as technology industry leader Mitchell Kertzman, and attorney/political activist Michael Gritton, Jones founded the Massachusetts Institute for a New CommonWealth. MassINC quickly gained traction as an ideologically free zone upon which to analyze, debate and contribute to the policy issues that impact the middle class. Nearly 15 years later, Jones talks about the value of political neutrality and the importance of advocating for the underrepresented majority.
Mark Erlich
Mark Erlich is Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New England Carpenters Union, an organization he joined in 1974 when he was a carpenters’ apprentice. He is also the author of 2 books and numerous essays and editorials on labor issues. As a MassINC Board member who regularly contributes on workforce development and the economy, we asked for his view on the plight of the American worker given the state of the American economy.
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