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Impacting the Issues that Affect the Middle Class

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Jobs and economic security provide the foundation for a strong middle class and global economic competitiveness. We seek to lay the groundwork for citizen prosperity by tackling key issues that are fundamental to communities; such as public education reform and workforce preparedness; economic development in key industries; urban revitalization; financial literacy; new opportunities for immigrants; and an affordable cost of living.
A strong community provides the support that drives individual achievement. The creation and sustenance of strong communities require the existence of affordable and safe neighborhoods, the availability of solid public services, strong schools, and a meaningful dialogue among civic, business, and public-sector leaders.
Government accountability and transparency are essential to restoring public confidence in government and will encourage and facilitate civic engagement and discourse among citizens--essential components of a thriving democracy. Responsible fiscal management by government officials will achieve clear public benefits and strengthen long-term fiscal stability in the Commonwealth.
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