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Government Accountability

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It won’t come as a bolt from the blue that freewheeling debate, robust dissent, and meaningful roll call votes have become endangered species on Beacon Hill...

But it is one thing to know in the abstract that the proceedings of the Massachusetts Legislature have little in common with the civics-class version of “How a Bill Becomes a Law.” It is something else to actually measure the disparity. That’s what MassINC, the nonpartisan Boston think tank, did this spring in CommonWealth, its quarterly magazine.

Scott Harshbarger

Scott Harshbarger

"There is no place other than CommonWealth magazine where you can learn the policies and the facts behind the arguments in order to have a credible and robust debate. Even nationally, I can tell you when I was head of Common Cause in Washington, I used to refer people in other states to CommonWealth because there is no other magazine like it in the country that gives the facts and analysis untainted by political ideology. - Former Massachusetts Attorney General; Senior Counsel, Proskauer Rose LLP

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Government Accountability

By Bruce Mohl

Howie Carr and Jim Braude are about as far apart on the political spectrum as you can get, but both of them are singing the same song about the state’s probation service.

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