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Jobs and Economic Security

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Massachusetts, home to America's best schools and best-educated workforce, has seen income inequality soar. Why? The poor are losing an academic arms race with the rich.

Governor Dukakis

Governor Michael Dukakis

"MassINC is one of the best things that has ever happened to politics in Massachusetts. When Commonwealth magazine arrives, it is at the top of my reading list. It tells it like it is, and it is an invaluable contribution to this state's political dialogue. And MassINC's leadership on the Gateway Cities project is nonpartisan public policy advocacy at its best." - Former Governor of Massachusetts

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Mark Erlich is Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New England Carpenters Union, an organization he joined in 1974 when he was a carpenters’ apprentice. He is also the author of 2 books and numerous essays and editorials on labor issues. As a MassINC Board member who regularly contributes on workforce development and the economy, we asked for his view on the plight of the American worker given the state of the American economy.
Jobs and Economic Security
By John Gillespie and David Zweig

We don’t come to the subject of corporate boards as antagonists.  Yet even with our experience in the business world and our MBA education, we couldn’t understand how boards came to operate the way they do, and how they’ve come apart. We could easily see how remote and impenetrable they would appear to most of the millions of shareholders who depend on them—in spite of the fact that boards are elected by shareholders and are legally required to represent their interests.
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