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In a city where public schools are among the worst in the state, recent efforts to open new charter schools and reduce a waiting list that is at least 2,200 kids long have run into a wall: the Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston is refusing to sell several churches and schools it has closed in Lawrence to buyers who would open charter schools in the buildings, fearful that the new schools would compete with the last of the Catholic schools still operating in the city.

The church policies were first described by Commonwealth Magazine last week.
Mayor Lang

Scott W. Lang

"MassINC's work has real relevance for mayors looking for practical, real-world solutions; good public policy helps us build stronger communities." - Former Mayor of New Bedford

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Strong Communities
By John Gillespie and David Zweig

We don’t come to the subject of corporate boards as antagonists.  Yet even with our experience in the business world and our MBA education, we couldn’t understand how boards came to operate the way they do, and how they’ve come apart. We could easily see how remote and impenetrable they would appear to most of the millions of shareholders who depend on them—in spite of the fact that boards are elected by shareholders and are legally required to represent their interests.
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