MassINC's Civic Sense program is geared toward a new generation of leaders.  Through lively lectures, panel discussions, and after-work cocktail receptions, Civic Sense offers a forum for civic-minded citizens in their 20s and 30s to meet each other and learn about key public policy issues.

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Lea Cademenos, Senior Public Affairs Associate at Rasky Baerlein and MassINC Associate Board member, recently argued for smaller, local environmental initiatives as a way to combat climate change and press national leaders for more comprehensive action.  Read the post in full here.

The MassINC Associate Board and AmeriCorps Alums Boston Chapter today released a White Paper outlining the background and policy goals for their joint State of Service initiative.  The initiative builds off the hugely successful Cities of Service program, a bipartisan coalition of 101 mayors around the country who are working to develop comprehensive city-wide service plans and engage their citizens in solving local problems.


By Stephanie J.  Anderson

It’s been 26 days since my central air conditioning conked out. What started out as a case of home repair procrastination has become a personal energy challenge: can I slash my electricity use with an A/C-free summer?

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By Samantha Vidal

I’m not a founder of a startup, nor do I work for one, but whenever I’m around one or more entrepreneurs I get the urge to start my own business.  This is exactly the effect that MassChallenge is trying to capitalize on with the launch of their global startup competition.
By John Schneider

Sunday’s (March 28) Boston Globe had a sobering story that 13 private colleges in Massachusetts will charge at least $50,000 in tuition, room and board, and fees next year.  That’s $200,000 for four years of college and, no matter how you cut it, that’s a lot of money.
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