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MassINC is proud to present At the Apex, an educational attainment forecast through 2030 prepared in partnership with the UMass Donahue Institute. This analysis draws attention to the problem the Massachusetts economy will confront as the large and highly skilled Baby Boom generation ages out of the state’s workforce.
Mary Ebeling , Benjamin Forman , Rich Parr , Megan Aki   July 29, 2014
Summary: The Gateway Cities Innovation Institute is proud to present Going for Growth: Enhancing the Economic Impact of Public Transit in Gateway Cities with Comprehensive Service Planning. This new policy brief examines how best practices in transit planning can benefit Massachusetts’s Regional Transit Authorities.
Steve Koczela , Rich Parr , Benjamin Forman   May 08, 2014
Summary: MassINC, and the Massachusetts Criminal Justice reform coalition are proud to present Ready for Reform? Public Opinion on Criminal Justice in Massachusetts. This full report expands on the findings presented at MassINC Criminal Justice Summit with Gov. Patrick in February 2013.
Benjamin Forman , Sandra Larson   February 13, 2014
Summary: MassINC's Gateway Cities Innovation Institute is proud to present Going for Growth: Promoting Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Massachusetts Gateway Cities. This policy brief explores opportunities to leverage the energy immigrant-owned businesses bring to Gateway Cities as an economic development strategy.
Benjamin Forman , Julianne Viola , Caroline Koch   November 13, 2013
Summary: MassINC is proud present the Gateway Cities Vision for Dynamic Community-Wide Learning Systems. Developed collaboratively with Gateway City mayors, managers, and education leaders, this vision highlights effective new models to prepare students for the changing economy and ensure an adequate supply of skilled workers for growing regional economies across the Commonwealth.
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Benjamin Forman , John Larivee   March 24, 2013

MassINC, Community Resources for Justice, and the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform Coalition are proud to present Crime, Cost, and Consequences: Is It Time to Get Smart on Crime?

As the title suggests, the report calls into question Massachusetts's current approach to corrections, which favors long prison stays at the expense of treatment, reentry programming, and post-release supervision. Without a change in course, the report concludes that Massachusetts will spend more than $2 billion over the next decade on corrections policies and practices that provide limited public safety benefit for the taxpayer.

Benjamin Forman , Catherine Tumber   March 08, 2013

MassINC's Gateway Cities Innovation Institute is proud to present Reinventing Transit: Investing in Regional Transportation Authorities for Strong Gateway City Economies. Transportation networks provide the backbone for economic development in regions across the state. Public transit is an important component of these networks, increasing access to jobs, housing, and services.

Alan Mallach , Benjamin Forman , Margaret Keaveny   January 10, 2013

Transformative redevelopment describes public and private financial support for projects that catalyze signifi­cant follow-on private investment, leading over time to the transformation of an entire downtown or urban neighbor­hood. This approach seeks to repair weak real estate mar­kets where development costs outweigh returns, creating a gap that impedes the flow of private investment; it contrasts sharply with current policies, which are far too modest to help Gateway Cities restore healthy real estate markets.

Benjamin Forman , Tyler Creighton   July 30, 2012

MassINC is pleased to present a new report that looks at the power of creative placemaking as strategy for growth and renewal in the Commonwealth’s Gateway Cities.

Warren Leon , Sonia Hamel , Benjamin Forman , Val Stori   April 23, 2012

This report catalogs the challenges we are likely to face in responding to climate change and demonstrates that there is more work to do to meet the agressive emissions reduction targets the state is legally obligated to achieve.

Andy Sum , Ishwar Khatiwada , Joseph McLaughlin , Mykhaylo Trub'skyy , Sheila Palma   December 14, 2011

The data presented in this report show that the last decade was extremely hard for Bay State residents. For the first time since World War II, the Commonwealth ended the decade with fewer jobs and families went without a raise. The report describes how this sour economy created four key hurdles that Massachusetts must now overcome.

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