Moving Forward with Funding: New strategies to support transportation and balanced regional economic growth

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MassINC is proud to present Moving Forward with Funding: New Strategies to Support Transportation and Balanced Regional Economic Growth.

Difficult economic times have created a host of challenges for Massachusetts. Among them, the financial shortfalls of the state’s transportation agencies place high on the list. The MBTA is considering fare hikes and service cuts; even with these actions, real questions remain about how the agency will close gaps and keep the aging system operating in the future. The state’s 15 regional transportation agencies are also struggling. They have gone years without an increase in state funding. Most have already raised fares and reduced the modest service upon which many of the state’s most economically disadvantaged residents depend.

At this crossroads, Massachusetts faces a choice. The state can continue on the current course, applying fresh financial bandages, or Massachusetts can depart boldly from the status quo by giving regions across the Commonwealth tools to invest in public transportation at levels consistent with their needs and aspirations for economic growth.

Moving Forward with Funding charts this second route, presenting the economic rationale for a bolder approach and demonstrating how new strategies would help Massachusetts make optimal investments in public transportation.

MassINC, Community Resources for Justice, and the newly-formed Criminal Justice Reform Coalition make up the Criminal Justice Reform Initiative, an effort to fuse research, public education, and civic discourse into a multi-year campaign to make the Commonwealth a leader in the field of corrections.

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Creative placemaking is an innovative strategy to drive revitalization of Gateway Cities that uses arts and culture to jump-start local economies and transform communities.

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MassINC's unique Civic Sense program is geared toward a new generation of leaders. Through lively lectures, panel discussions, and after-work cocktail receptions, Civic Sense offers a forum for civic-minded citizens in their 20s and 30s to meet each other and learn about key public policy issues.

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The CommonWealth campaign for Civic Journalism is an 18-month fundraising campaign to continue CommonWealth’s legacy as one of the country’s leading independent news and information outlets. Learn More »

“Open Minds” is a civic engagement program that, in MassINC’s non-partisan tradition, brings together people from opposing viewpoints and cross-disciplines to debate issues on their merit through dialogue, not monologue.

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The American Dream Project is a multi-dimensional initiative that includes the MassINC Middle Class Index, long-form journalism in a special fall issue of CommonWealth magazine, and a major forthcoming research report prepared jointly with the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University. Learn More »
MassINC is proud to present At the Apex: The 2030 Educational Attainment Forecast. This analysis draws attention to the problem the Massachusetts economy will confront as the large and highly skilled Baby Boom generation ages out of the state’s workforce. Learn More »
Date: March 23, 2012
This event, hosted by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, will examine the Pioneer Valley region's over $1B of highway and transit investment needs; ever-widening funding assistance gaps; and potential new financing mechanisms which could help the Pioneer Valley to maintain its high level of transportation mobility while supporting sustained economic competitiveness and progress.
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