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MassINC is an independent think tank and publisher of CommonWealth magazine. Our mission is to stimulate nonpartisan debate, shape public policy, and advance a public agenda that supports the growth of the middle class. MassINC's impact is achieved through research, journalism, and civic forums that promote jobs and economic security; sustainable communities; and government accountability.

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By investing in MassINC you will help to ensure that the independent journalism of CommonWealth magazine and nonpartisan research of MassINC continue to raise pressing issues in the public interest, offering a neutral table for civic engagement and public debate, and solutions that translate into progress for all residents.

MassINC offers opportunities for citizen, corporate, nonprofit, and philanthropic partners to contribute to our mission.

Citizen Partners
As a Citizens' Circle member you will receive CommonWealth magazine, our research, and invitations to our events. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to engage with other individuals who believe that nonpartisan discussion and debate is essential to our democracy. Learn more...

Corporate Partners
MassINC's corporate partners reach the 15,000 most influential leaders in Massachusetts through civic events, advertising in CommonWealth magazine and its website, and visibility and sponsorship opportunities through MassINC's research. Learn more...

Nonprofit Partners
Our nonprofit partners help stimulate nonpartisan debate, shape public policy, and advance an agenda that supports the growth of the middle class in Massachusetts through research, journalism, and civic events. Learn more...

Philanthropic Partners
Foundations invest in MassINC because of our reputation as a nonpartisan convener that leverages fact-based research, independent journalism, and civic events to advance a public agenda that supports job creation and economic development, sustainable communities, and government accountability. Learn more...

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Click here to donate to MassINC and CommonWealth magazine. Your gift will support our research, journalism, and civic engagement as well as the work of the Gateway Cities Innovation Institute. Individuals who contribute $75 or more will receive a year's subscription to CommonWealth.

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