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MassINC is an independent think tank and publisher of CommonWealth magazine. Our mission is to stimulate nonpartisan debate, shape public policy and advance a public agenda that supports the growth of the middle class. MassINC achieves its impact through independent research, journalism and civic forums that promote jobs and economic security, sustainable communities, and government accountability.


By investing in MassINC you will help to ensure that the independent journalism of CommonWealth magazine and nonpartisan research of MassINC continue to raise pressing issues in the public ineterest, offering a neutral table for civic engagement and public debate, and solutions that translate into progress for all residents.


As a Citizens' Circle member you will receive CommonWealth magazine, our research, and invitations to our events. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to engage with other individuals who believe that nonpartisan discussion and debate is essential to our democracy.


By supporting MassINC and CommonWealth, magazine as a Citizens' Circle member, you will help shape public policies you care about--from economic development and health care reform to public education and energy policy.

Join the Citizens' Circle

MassINC extends significant benefits to individuals who join the Citizens' Circle with an annual contribution of $1,000 or more:

  • Subscription to CommonWealth magazine
  • Invitiations to private, members-only events such as our Newsmaker series and CommonWealth editor's roundtable discussions
  • Prominent recognition in CommonWealth and the MassINC website
  • MassINC research reports and other publications
  • Advertising space in CommonWealth for those who contribute $5,000 or more
Associate membership

MassINC encourages the participation of emerging leaders from across the Bay State. If you are under forty years old you can also support MassINC through a $500 membership in the Associate Citizens' Circle. Become a part of this network of up-and-coming leaders, receive CommonWealth magazine and participate in MassINC's Associate Board activities.

For more information about the Citizens' Circle or to arrange a meeting to discuss your interests:

MassINC is proud to be supported by:

Anonymous (8) Grace Fey Paul & Judy Mattera
William Actmeyer Newell Flather Stephen Meade
Nicholas Alexos Christopher Fox & Ellen Remmer Melvin Miller & Sandra Casagrand
Tom & Marsha Alperin Robert B. Fraser Gerry & Joanne Morrissey
Joseph D. Alviani & Elizabeth Bell Stengel Chris & Hilary Gabrieli Joseph Mullaney
Carol & Howard Anderson John Gillespie & Susan Orlean
Ronald M. Ansin Robert Gittens John E. Murphy, Jr.
Amy Anthony Lena & Ronald Goldberg Bruce & Pam Nardella
Jay Ash Ashton & Jim Goodfield Elizabeth Nichols
Richard J. & Mary A. Barry Philip & Sandra Gordon LZ Nunn
Robert L. Beal Jim & Meg Gordon Joseph and Katherine O'DonnellĀ 
David Begelfer
Joan & John Bok
Mary K. Grant Edward L. Pattullo &
Elizabeth Pattullo
Frank & Mardi Bowles Tom Green Randy Peeler
Ian & Hannah Bowles Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery C. Grogan Finley H. Perry, Jr.
John A. Brennan Jr. Paul S. Grogan Jenny Phillips
Stephen Burrington Paul Guzzi Diana C. Pisciotta
Rick & Nonnie Burnes Henry L. Hall, Jr. Michael E. Porter
Jeffrey & Lynda Bussgang Scott Harshbarger & Judith Stephenson R. Robert Popeo
Andrew J. Calamare Martin W. Healy Mitchell T. & Adrienne N. Rabkin
Congressman Mike Capuano Anthony & Brenda Helies John R. Regier
Neil & Martha Chayet Harold Hestnes Dean Richlin
Gerald & Kate Chertavian Joanne Hilferty Thomas & Susan Riley
Meredith & Eugene Clapp Edward J. Hoff Kenneth W. Robinson
Dorie Clark

Liz & Dennis Holler

Ann-Ellen Hornidge & Edward Murphy

Mark & Sarah Robinson
Margaret J. Clowes Amos and Barbara Hostetter Fran & Charles Rodgers
Devin Cole Tad Heuer
Peter Howe and Holly LeCraw Howe
Paul & Alexis Scanlon
Philip & Margaret Condon Joanne Jaxtimer Helen Chin Schlichte
Cheryl Cronin C. Bruce Johnstone Karen Schwartzman & Bob Melia
Michael F. & Marian Cronin Robin & Tripp Jones Ellen Semenoff & Daniel Meltzer
Stephen P. Crosby & Helen R. Strieder Sara & Hugh Jones Robert K. Sheridan
Bob Crowe Elaine Kamarck Richard J. Snyder
Jay Curley Bruce Katz Patricia & David F. Squire
Sally Currier & Saul Pannell

Michael B. Keating, Esq.
Lori Kenschaft & Randall Smith

Mark S. Sternman
Susan Davies Julie & Mitchell Kertzman Timothy & Susanne Sullivan
Thomas G. Davis Stephen W. Kidder & Judith Malone Ben & Kate Taylor
William A. Delaney Thomas Kiley David Tibbetts
Geri Denterlein Richard L. Kobus Josh and Ann Connolly Tolkoff
Gerard F. Doherty John Larivee Gregory Torres & Elizabeth Pattullo
Roger D. Donoghue Anne & Robert Larner Thomas Trimarco
Philip J. Edmundson Gloria & Allen Larson Eric Turner
James & Amy Elrod Paul Levy E. Denis Walsh
Thomas Engelman & Laurie Burt Chuck & Susie Longfield Michael Weekes
Mark L. Erlich Anne & Paul Marcus David C. Weinstein
William P. McDermott Robert F. White
Juliette Fay & Bill O'Brien The Honorable Patricia McGovern Michael J. Whouley
Maurice & Carol Feinberg David McGrath Karyn Wilson
David Feinberg Katherine S. McHugh Peter Wooley

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